Abel Trujillo
    Carla Step
    Javier Antón
    Jesús Leonardo
    José Beteta
    Laia Benavides
    Laura Leal
    Mario Lomas
    Patricia Bonet
    Q & Cumber
    Raúl Tejero
    Roi Romay
    Santi Rodriguez
    Xenia Lau

Make-up artists
    Ana Cano
    Lara Güell
    Sandra Martín

    Angela Ibañez

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Led by Laura Escrivá de Romaní, Karina Kolokolchykova and Tina Jin, House of Peacocks is a Barcelona based agency that represents photographers, make-up artists, stylists and creative directors operating locally but thinking globally. 

We work with established and emerging artists devoted to photography, film, beauty, styling and art direction. Likewise, we offer full production services to our customers when required. Our agency is engaged with the long-term aspirations and practical needs of our artists and is committed to playing a positive role in the cultural understanding of image making.

One thing for certain is that we’re passionate about what we do. We hope that you enjoy looking through our site and that we might have the opportunity of working with you sometime soon.


General Inquires

Laura E.
Agent + Production

Karina K.
Agent + New Business

Tina J.
Agent + New Business